BS – Purdue University

American Council on Exercise (CPT)

Functional Aging Specialist (FAI CPT)

NPC Physique Competitor 

Training Philosophy: I believe in helping my clients, and anyone willing to learn, construct a habitual mindset for their own health and fitness. Working out is not just about the way we look, how much weight we can lift or how fast your mile is.

Exercise wellness is a lifestyle choice that exhibits your strong mindset and proven ability to adapt to change and find success which will carry with you forever, far outside of this gym. 

About Me: I am married to my best friend Kelcie! I am a sports fanatic, highly competitive and love what I do. On the contrary to my fitness beliefs and what it should entail to be successful, I am actually into gaming quite a bit. 

Our FIT Lab Smart Start Program (4 Sessions For Only $99)


Young Athlete Program
(Sports Performance)
One on One Private Training

A program that strives to make your child faster, stronger, more powerful and injury resilient, by using the best techniques to ensure your child's success. Every child needs a healthy outlet, in sport or not, why not build confidence and friendship while doing so?

Our classes meet every Monday - Friday from 4:30 to 5:30pm in the upstairs strength area. Speak with Eric Purcell for any questions you have. First class is always free.

Personal goal-oriented workouts and nutritional guidance with monthly assessments to track your progress. This is the absolute best program for beginners and people that cannot seem to get over a slump or need accountability/structure.

We offer training 1-5x/week on a month to month basis with no upgrade/downgrade or cancellation fees. Email our team directly at to setup an appointment.


"The trainers here are very REAL as well as very EXPERIENCED. The team is truly built for the best by the best and this is why I been able to built and prepare my self for any situation. Very happy with the progress in a short time, looking forward to continue working along side with the team! #BuiltInTheLab #TrustTheProcess 💪🏼💪🏼"


Cody F., 22

“Coming to Parkwest Fit Lab has been game changer in my fitness. My trainer Matt is amazing, Every workout is different and interesting. I have been pushed way outside my box and have new goals that I never knew I wanted.


The personalization is great not only for fitness progress but also when dealing with injuries. This customization has been key in continuing to move forward. I am also participating in the small group challenges which allows me to train with all the different trainers. They are all fantastic and excited to help with your goals."


Maggie B., 36

"I got a gift of 10 sessions last summer and I was pretty psyched but figured I'd use the sessions and move on. I lifted in HS. I did StrongLifts 5x5 for a while a couple years ago. I figured I knew what I needed to know and I didn't expect to sign up after my 10 sessions since it was just a matter of getting myself down to the gym.

Turns out this was one of those cases where you don't know what you don't know. Matt has a GREAT understanding of exercise physiology and has helped me improve my form dramatically. I'm now lifting more with fewer injuries (I stopped StrongLifts when I injured my knee squatting).

Matt has great routines so I'm never bored and he is very passionate about fitness and health. So you never end up thinking "he just phoned that one in". Not once. And he pushes me HARD. Harder than I'd push myself. And he has a good sense of humor. He takes fitness seriously without taking himself too seriously. After my 10 sessions were up, I didn't hesitate to commit to a full year with FitLab. It's an investment for sure, but a worthwhile investment for your health.

Also, Parkwest itself is a really great gym. I used to be a member when it was International and it has come a long way. The staff are just great, the facilities are always clean. Equipment is fixed quickly when it breaks. Plenty of towels. Not too crowded most of the time. Really, there's nothing bad to say about Parkwest. Pretty affordable too"

Jason D., 50


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BS - Purdue University

American council of exercise (CPT)

Training Philosophy:  Exercise is medicine! The benefits of exercise are substantial and can benefit any individual, no matter where they are on their fitness journey.  There is no better time than the present! 

Background: Kyle was a former collegiate wrestler who took 3rd place in the Mid-Atlantic conference and qualified for the National Championships. As a former J Robinson 28 day intensive camp counselor and personal wrestling trainer, Kyle has produced 7 individual state title winners and countless other state qualifiers.  He also spent 3 years as a whitewater river guide on the Olympic Ocoee river in Tennessee before deciding to pursue his degree in applied exercise and health from Purdue University. While at Purdue, Kyle served as a strength and conditioning intern for a year with the Purdue football team as well as a year with the Basketball and wrestling programs.

Hobbies/Interests: Kyle's hobbies include kayaking, fishing, hacky sack, and playing sport. One of his biggest passions is music and is always going to music festivals and concerts throughout the country.

Head Personal Trainer

Kyle Weaver
Eric 2018.jpg

BS - Manchester University

Training Philosophy: Set a goal, dedicate yourself to that goal and do everything in your power to become your best self. 

Background: Majored in Exercise Sports Science at Manchester University graduated in 2014 and have worked as a Personal Trainer working with youth athletes and also as a Functional Aging Specialist helping people day in and day out apply functional movements to help better their way of living. 

Interests/Hobbies: I am a HUGE baseball fan and supporter of the Boston Red Sox so if you don't see me in the gym I am more than likely outside playing in different recreational softball/baseball leagues around the city. If I'm not in the weight room or on a diamond I love to hangout with loved ones and relax! I also will be competing in my second Crossfit Games this year!

Group Training Manager

ERIC Purcell

BS - Purdue University

American Council on Exercise (CPT)

RPS Powerlifter


Training philosophy: I focus on the fundamentals and mastering movement patterns. I keep it as simple as possible with my training.


Background: I graduated from Purdue majoring in Movement and Sport Sciences with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. During my time as a student at Purdue, I became involved with Purdue Barbell and competed in 5 powerlifting meets. I love helping people find their strength as they learn to love the barbell.


Interests/hobbies: I love to be outside, hiking and kayaking. I also love cooking and spending some quiet quality time with my 2 cats, Milk and Cookie.

Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer

Current BS Study - Purdue University

NPC Bodybuilding Competitor

Training Philosophy: 

Fitness is something we should all value and enjoy. My aim is to create a fun and positive experience for my clients, and to show them the importance of fitness as a whole. Through training, I use the best of my knowledge and experience to help my clients achieve their goals and improve upon their overall quality of life. 


Majoring in Mass Communications at Purdue University. I come from an athletic background and that has been a major, positive influence on my life.


I love doing anything outdoors. I am an avid fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and Nebraska Cornhuskers! I compete in the NPC as a bodybuilder, and on the platform as a powerlifter. I believe in being a well-rounded person willing to try anything.​

Personal Trainer

BRANDEN Kuxhausen

Olympic Coach & Personal Trainer



Richard Fisher has extensive experience with the general population from ages 12 to 77.
Being a former Track and Field athlete at LSU, Rich was exposed to elite level training from the start. After receiving his BS, he stayed on to receive his CSCS and USA Weightlifting certifications.

6 years of professional & high school level coaching producing:

USATF Level 2 Sprints/Hurdles/Relays
USATFCCCA Technical Trainer
1 2016 Olympian
10 High School All Americans
Countless weight loss & muscle building transformations

Personal Trainer

Richard Fisher