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Investing in your health starts here
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Why choose Fit Lab Personal Training 
This is a multidimensional personal training department. We are equipped and prepared to help you reach your goals. Whether you are an athlete who is looking to increase strength and explosiveness, or someone who has recently decided to start their fitness journey, our certified college-educated trainers will meet you where you're at. Our trainers understand the importance of differentiating training programs that are best fit to accommodate to our client's various needs. There are not any shortcuts in fitness, but there are trainers who are ready to hold you accountable to make your journey easier!

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Our Mission For You

Our CUSTOMIZED programs are created just for YOU. There is never a 'one size fits all' approach when it comes to training protocol. Fit Lab personal trainers rely on research-based programming that will be most effective given your current fitness state and health parameters. 


Your personal trainer will be with you every step of the way, providing feedback, holding you accountable, and helping you achieve what you didn’t know was possible. Our team of certified trainers has one goal… to help you crush yours.

Our Approach To Fitness

Your personalized plan begins with a fitness diagnostic. This consultation is an opportunity for you and the trainer to discuss areas such as: specific fitness goals, health history, fitness experience (if any), and your availability. Your trainer will also take measurements that include your body weight and body-fat percentage.


This consultation is also a great time to start building a rapport with one another. We do not offer or promote "cookie-cutter" training programs. We take your health seriously and will be ready to hit the ground running starting with session #1. 

Consider us your accountability buddy, personal cheerleader, and coach all-in-one!


Not sure yet? Here is what our clients think

Cody F., 22

"The trainers here are very REAL as well as very EXPERIENCED. The team is truly built for the best by the best and this is why I been able to built and prepare my self for any situation. Very happy with the progress in a short time, looking forward to continue working along side with the team! #BuiltInTheLab #TrustTheProcess 💪🏼💪🏼"

Maggie B., 36

“Coming to Parkwest Fit Lab has been game changer in my fitness. My trainer Matt is amazing, Every workout is different and interesting. I have been pushed way outside my box and have new goals that I never knew I wanted.

The personalization is great not only for fitness progress but also when dealing with injuries. This customization has been key in continuing to move forward. I am also participating in the small group challenges which allows me to train with all the different trainers. They are all fantastic and excited to help with your goals."

Jason D., 50

"I got a gift of 10 sessions last summer and I was pretty psyched but figured I'd use the sessions and move on. I lifted in HS. I did StrongLifts 5x5 for a while a couple years ago. I figured I knew what I needed to know and I didn't expect to sign up after my 10 sessions since it was just a matter of getting myself down to the gym. 

Turns out this was one of those cases where you don't know what you don't know. Matt has a GREAT understanding of exercise physiology and has helped me improve my form dramatically. I'm now lifting more with fewer injuries (I stopped StrongLifts when I injured my knee squatting).After my 10 sessions were up, I didn't hesitate to commit to a full year with FitLab. It's an investment for sure, but a worthwhile investment for your health."

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