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Elevate your athletic performance

The Fit Lab Strength and Conditioning program can aid your child in achieving their athletic goals and fulfill their potential

The Fit Lab Personal Training department offers an advanced training package to middle and high school athletes who are looking to fulfill their athletic potential by improving their strength, agility, and explosiveness while also focusing on injury prevention. We have multiple Fit Lab trainers who have their CSCS certification (certified strength and conditioning specialist) and have worked with Division I athletes! Strength and conditioning training programs are specifically tailored to your child’s needs as an athlete in order to address any areas of deficiencies while also ensuring their overall athleticism improves. Every single Division I and professional sports program has some sort of strength and conditioning regimen, so it goes without saying that this facet of sports performance is incredibly important and can make all the difference between wins and losses, as well as long-lasting versus short-lived careers.

Strength and conditioning at its core is the application of sports science to enhance movement quality. It is grounded in evidence-based research, exercise physiology as well as anatomy.

How your child will benefit

Strength and conditioning can help to mitigate the risk of injury due to increased overall strength, mobility, flexibility, and kinesthetic awareness. Whether your child is looking to be successful at the high school level or into their collegiate years and beyond, strength and conditioning is imperative for current and future athletic performance. When implemented correctly, athletes will not only learn the fundamentals of proper movement, but will have a greater chance of getting ahead of their competition. 

Here are some additional benefits of strength and conditioning: 

  • Increase muscle strength, endurance, and power output

  • Reduce risk of sport-related injury

  • Enhance and develop motor skill performance

  • Improve overall sports performance 

  • Heighten confidence and self-efficacy 

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Fit Lab Credentials

Kyle 2018.jpg

- Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, CSCS

- Purdue Strength and Conditioning Coach (Internship)

- Former Division I Wrestler 

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